LA Auto Show - The Bad! #autoweek

So I got a little sidetracked this week. 

With all the excitement that has been BlogTour and the announcement of the team.  And then of course, Pantone released their 2013 Color of the Year (which had my panties all up in a bunch).  The end result is that I've neglected my automotive duties and have failed on my promise to have you the not so great of the LA AutoShow by Wednesday.  

You can yell at me later.

Anyway, as with every auto show there are going to be some amazing creatures of vehicular persuasion.  And if you saw my post on Monday you'll know there were some definitely beauties on the floor this year.  I mean hello - Acura NSX Concept anyone? 

But with the good comes the bad and this year's show had no shortage of not so great vehicles. 

Shall we?

Sir Mix-a-Lot Would be Proud


I've always been a big fan of Mini products. You get all of the functionality, durability and quality of a BMW product but at a cost considerably less than an actual BMW.  In some cases nearly half of the price of a 3 series.  I've always given it mad props for bringing that BMW quality to a lower market buyer - which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  But then Mini decided that they had to expand the line up and produce not one, not two, not three, but seven models - everything from the roadster which to me looks a bit like a turtle to the Paceman, a wagon with some very interesting aesthetics.  Remember on Monday when I said I was an assman? Well this is one ass I just can't wrap my arms around.  No pun intended.

Open for Interpretation


Speaking of really horrible asses, it appears that Mini and Hyundai were sipping from same drinking fountain.  Once upon a time, Hyundai's designs were pretty run of the mill, ho hum designs no doubt copied in part from other run of the mill ho hum car manufacturers.  (Hello?  Santa Fe anyone?)  Things changed as the begin to realize that the majority of their buyers were first time or young car buyers looking for something reliable.  And what don't youthful car buyers with cash not want?  That's right.... Ho Hum aesthetics.  Aha!  But is the Veloster going just a bit too far? Sure I like the idea of the open rear concept for more storage but that trunk liner!    Concept: Good; Execution: Bad.

Calling the Cartoon Network


Mercedes Benz, you know, the uber plush, comfortable, luxury sofa on wheels, let their designers have just a little too much pot one night in the studio.  How do I know this? Because when asked to imagine the future of off-roading, they came up with this, the Ener-G-Force concept SUV.  I'll give it to them that they're trying to be creative and probably wanted to produce something that was wholly different than any other concept or production vehicle they've ever done.  And they've definitely hit that target on the head.  Though sadly maybe the design team should be reigned in because what they came up with looks more like a cartoon than a fierce off-road monster.  Word of advice MB design team - stay away from the browies.  Stay FAR away from the brownies.

The Entire Toolbox


In my mind the Lexus LF-CC concept can be summed up with one of the rules of femininity from the late Queen of Fashion herself - Coco Chanel....

I always take off at least one piece of jewelery before I leave the ensure that I am not overdoing it.

Oh yeah... and what's with the wide mouth bass grille?  I didn't realize it was fishing season.

Have I scared you yet?  Thinking you might need a drink before noon today?  I thought so.  It was the Benz wasn't it?

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Brandon Smith-Stephens