It should come as no surprise to you now that I love weird stuff. 

And by weird stuff I mean stuff that I can play with after consuming a gimlet.  Or a glass or wine.  Or chili cheese Fritos. 

We'll save addictions for another time.


Anyway... Twitter has always amazed me in it's ability to send my way copious numbers of just so crazeballs products (just wait until I'm in Germany....!) and this morning it certainly did not fail.  So if anyone is looking for a last minute Christmas gift for your very favorite blog webmaster (read: me!) the Bang! lamp from Bitplay will certainly do.

How can you not love a lamp that plays dead better than your dog?  Or your battery in a snow storm.  Or Great Great Grandmother Sally.

Yeah.  I love it too.

Bang! from Bitplay

Available via Dynamism here in the USA

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