Germany - Willkommen to Day One.

Yes yes, it's been but a few days since I last addressed you crazy readers out there.

After a ten day sinus headache and the pains of the holiday seasons, I was in no mood to deal with you folks.  You bunch of crazies out there. 

But Happy New Year either way. ;) 

Just kidding.

As my first post back after the holiday season, I'm sitting here in a room in Germany overlooking a somewhat staid, industrialist courtyard, being all pensive and shit.  My therapist warned me about the "and shit" part.  I realized today that I'll be celebrating two years on Twitter in roughly 6 days. 


That's right kiddies.  Two years ago on Saturday I threw my hat into the proverbial ring and started talking to the universe.  Surprisingly many many of you actually listened and now I count a number of you as actual bona fide real life friends.  It's a bit crazy actually, to think of the people I might never have met or the schemes in which I might not have been involved.

And then there was sitting in a cathedral today for the first Mass I've ever been to in my life (that's another story) attempting not to make googly eyes at this rather cute German sitting directly in front of me (I was a giggly school girl when he shook my hand and said something about peace and being with me....HA!) gazing into the heavens through stained glass that only the hands of a master could have created, when it hit me.

I can't believe where Tweeting and Blogging has taken me this past two years.  I'm sitting here in Germany waiting out a few final hours before attempting to navigate the mass that is IMM, simply because of my inability to shut my mouth in the electronic world.  So for that... many thanks to the team at Modenus as well as the sponsors - Miele, Blanco, the NKBA, Mr. Steam, Axor, and DuVerre Hardware for making this trip a reality for a little ole California boy like me. 

I know.... this isn't about design and what have you but I'm on my 5th beer of the day and only 4 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period.  Shut up.

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