Light Emulating Jewelry: Chimera + Party Couture Cuff

Chimera by Corbett Lighting + Party Couture Cuff by Andrea Gutierrez 

One, an enlightening work of gossamer proportion, embellished with tubes of swirled glass and tassels of chain mail to cast a shimmery glow across the most elegant of scenes.  The other, a wearable link of vintage glass seed bead and silver spheres to grace the demure lady of the house. Both examples of the interplay between light and finish and the evocation of the free spirit. 


Chimera by Corbett Lighting |
Available through select retailers

Party Couture Cuff by Andrea Gutierrez |
Available through Andrea Gutierrez

This post has been sponsored by Corbett Lighting in association with #DesignLux. Images courtesy Corbett Lighting and Andrea Gutierrez and may not be used without permission.