Brillantly Deconstructed - Busnelli's Bohemian Chesterfield

In the past I’ve never been a huge fan of anything “deconstructed”.  I mean, I’m a foodie and anytime I’ve run across a “deconstructed fill-in-the-blank” (usually in the form of some sort of Nicoise salad….) it typically means that someone, yours truly, is going to be doing some work in order to eat. 

And when I’m paying double the price I’m not usually the happiest of campers if I have to do twice the work.

Now in the Year of Our Lord 2012 we found this tendency to deconstruct our furniture.  Restoration Hardware jumped on that bandwagon hard and fast regurgitating unfinished pieces of limed oak furniture that resembled something that might still be sitting in my garage because I was too pissed to finish the class. 

With a price tag to match. 


So you can only imagine my skepticism when during IMM I happened across what can only be described as a Chesterfield – Nicoise.  Or in other words, a deconstructed Chesterfield.  Normally I’d probably gouge out an eyeball or call bullshit but in this particular case I’m actually quite fond of Busnelli's Bohemian Casper-ian architecture and more casual method of upholstery.  If anything it entirely envelops the European ideals of lounging, loitering and general love of the siesta.  An Italian Mullet if you will – Business on top, party on the bottom.

But unlike the mullets that tend to hang out in the General Lee, this one is one you WANT hanging around your mid-century, pseudo Bohemian manse occupying a corner with a nonchalant air. 

Don’t worry, it’s not ignoring you.

Designer Tip:  You don’t have to stick to slipcovers to get that Bohemian look.  Try something just slightly unfinished.  Just be careful not to cross the line or you’ll be a candidate for an HGTV makeover show.

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