The Closet - Warby Parker's Colonel Monocle

Is it Friday yet?



Monday was hellish.  Literally.  I worked 15 hours and took a two very short lunch breaks.  Needless to say a post didn’t get put out.

And now you hate me. 


But I’m making it up to you.  Because I’ve found a little gem.  Seriously.  You know you want one and if you’ve got a handlebar mustache you REALLY want one to complete the look. 

See what happens when I’m looking at new spectacles?  I happen upon things like Warby Parker’s Monocle in tortoiseshell.


Actually, I kind of want one just so it can dangle out of my vest pocket.  You know that would have me in the party sections of the local social magazines.  Using one might be a whole different matter.  Although considering that my eyesight really is only bad in one eye, I could save a ton of money on eyewear.

Just so long as I don’t look like I should be solving mysteries or robbing trains.

Colonel Monocle | Warby Parker

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Images courtesy Warby Parker.