A Bench & A Contest

Just like any trade show, I’m always amazed at just what might come from a manufacturer’s in house design team.  This becomes especially true when it comes to kitchen cabinetry. 

More often than not the odd thinkings of these unknown designers are nothing more than trends, serving to make an attendee stop, stare for a moment, maybe take a random forgotten picture, and then be on their way.  Sometimes, however, you find a gem.  Or at the very least, something that could be fodder for conversation.

Living Kitchen, the offshoot kitchen exhibition of Germany’s IMM, provided no shortage of these “stop and stare” moments.   One such example of that was this oddity from German cabinetry company Sachsen Küchen.  It’s a bench seat.


Now, I know that benches in kitchen environments aren’t that big of a deal.  I used one in a recent kitchen remodel to serve as half the seating for the client’s breakfast area.  It was flanked by two slide out pantries and became a great spot for entertaining.  Where this bench from their Cosima-EI system, finished in oak and pistachio gloss, differs from the norm is that it resides within the functioning work space. 

It must serve one of the following purposes:

 A place for the cook to nap after one too many glasses of cooking sherry.

A method of really keeping an eye on that child in time-out.

The live studio audience for the aspiring celebrity chef.

So dear readers, and kitchen designers please chime in…. Bench in the kitchen – Fun oddity or what were they thinking?

And now for a contest!

I’ve given three random purposes but I want to hear from you…. You have until Sunday, February 11th to tell me just what random purpose you believe this bench serves.  The response that really knocks my socks off gets Ten buckaroonies* from the ‘Bux to buy both you and your audience a cup ‘o Joe.

*Contest is only open to anyone that can accept US dollars. I'm nice, but not nice enough to convert dollars to Euros/Pounds/Francs....

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