Reminiscing - NY Fashion Week & Jason Wu

Let me just preface this by saying that it has been one crazy ass day today.  Two counties, countless miles and more design decisions made than HGTV can pull off in a half-hour long episode of "Designing with *insert name here*".


And periodically through the day, I've been checking in on the tweets from Brizo's Blogger19 tour and of course, how they'll be seeing (or by this point, have seen) Jason Wu's new collection in a very Sex and the City type of moment. 

I'm thinking I'd rather be row one or two or three of the Jason Wu show.  I know, it's snowing horribly in what one has already coined Snomaggedon but I wouldn't be able to resist.  As a gay man in a design world, that 20 minutes of showtime a year ago was a little piece of surreal heaven.  And then there was meeting Jason after. 

I never realized he was shorter than me. But he leaned in, gave a slight hug and was off like a dream.


Brandon Smith-Stephens