enLocation - Palm Springs

Once a year a pilgrimage is made.  

Although it isn’t exactly the holy land, to a design geek like me, it’s a religious experience.  A bit of a mecca really.


Palm Springs is a religion where the temple is a 1950’s modernist gem of white stucco and animated concrete blocks with a pool that appears to continue for miles amidst the rocky sand and towering palm trees.

A religion where our chants are the croons of Frankie and Dean.


And every year, for one weekend we make the drive, the pilgrimage to the promise land and one takes communion in a bloody mary.  By the pool.  In one’s speedo.

Or lack there of.

Palm Springs.

Basically, I’m for anything that gets you through the night – be it a prayer, tranquilizers …. Or a bottle of Jack Daniels.
- Frank Sinatra


 Palm Springs | California

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