The Four Appliances You Didn't Know You Needed

D’Scoop was at it again last week, adding more miles to our Delta SkyMiles account. 

We couldn’t resist…. Architectural Digest came calling and we, in our overly caffeinated state, quickly said yes, making the 3,000 mile jaunt east to spend a measly 42 hours ogling luxury goods at New York’s premier display of luxury products – the Architectural Digest Home Design Show.

The result?  Lust. Pure adulterated lust.


We blame the Italians.  They’ve mastered the art of desire.  Irinox is no stranger to Italian marketing tactics, packaging seemingly mindless tasks such as dispensing water and vacuum packing food products into sleek boxes of oh my God you know you want me sexiness. 

The benefits of vacuum packing are easily extolled – removing air from packaging to slow down the oxidation of food.  Think guacamole that stays green past day one or the proper storage of left over wine (an anomaly in and of itself… just sayin’).  But never before has it been packaged in something other than a wand you throw in the kitchen junk drawer.

The Zero is, quite simply put, what would result if Sophia Loren and Tupperware ever got together and impossibly produced a love child. 

Irinox Zero |


As for the Miele Combi-Steam Oven, this is an appliance we’ve always knew we wanted.  We may or may not have been begging for one this past year and we believe Miele may or may not have been ignoring us.  And somehow they’ve managed to improve on perfection by rearranging interior components, giving this essential a disappearing act that would make even Houdini proud. 

Originally stored stage right, the Combi-Steam’s water reservoirs have been relocated above the cooking compartment, concealed by an electronically controlled panel.  The result?  A 40% increase in steaming capacity…. And 40% more of my love.

The Miele Combi-Steam could only get better if it made its own water. 

Miele Combi-Steam Oven |


Cooking with steam has become the greasy wheel of the appliance world.  It isn’t hard to talk up the benefits of using steam in the kitchen and we at D’Scoop certainly don’t disagree.  Let’s be honest – steam is Marcia.  But even Marcia had a sister.  Welcome Freddy, Irinox’s interpretation of the blast chiller.  The benefits of blast chilling are important – bringing the temperature of food to temperature levels where bacteria cannot thrive quicker and safer than traditional methods of cooling without losing essential nutrients or quality.

Where Freddy differs from other readily available blast chillers is that it incorporates thawing, proofing and slow cooking functions into it’s small box meaning that food quickly put to sleep can also slowly be brought back to life in the same environment. 

 Irinox Freddy |


We’re not sure about you, but D’Scoop hankers in the middle of the night to toss a chicken in the oven and watch it roast.  Then again, our editors need to stop drinking so much.  This is quite possibly why the La Cornue Flamberge Rotisserie holds a special place on our wants Needs List.  Who needs a TV in your refrigerator door when you can watch a spit of duck slowly turn from pink to juicy caramel? 

La Cornue tells the story better than we, stating “The Flamberge is a magnetic attraction in any kitchen, immediately arousing a desire to use it”.  Anyone who’s been to a grocery store deli or a New York Halal cart can attest that guests love spinning meat.  You’ll never deep-fry a turkey again.

The local fire department will thank you.

 The Flamberge Rotisserie |

So kids... are you addicted?  Which appliance did you not know you needed?

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