Sometimes It Makes More Sense to Sit....

Often times men are subjected to the many many ways in which we're luckier than women.

Clothing Options.  Getting ready for ... well... anything.  Not getting prego.

And I couldn't agree more.  You gals do get the short end of that stick.

But as men, we're confronted with a particularly daunting decision when entering public facilities to ... um ... take care of business.  During certain situations it is a heads or tails type of thing.  And, even worse, there is a sort of man code when it comes to using any of said equipment.  There are RULES that MUST be followed at all costs. 

Even if it means wetting oneself to keep order. 

But then... while trolling the floors of the Architectural Digest Home Design Show... I saw this.

Decision made.

So ladies, next time you tell us that we're lucky because we "can stand", just remember that you won't potentially be confronted by a Venus Fly Trap on your next visit to the restroom.

OK... enough potty jokes.  Get back to work.

D'Scoop was not compensated for this post.  Image courtesy the artist who shall remain unnamed since this isn't exactly the post they're going to use as a testimonial.