You Can Call Back the Search Party.....

It's just before five am in a resort somewhere in central Colorado.   

The sun is rising over the hills.  Twilight sparkles from the valley over the golf course below.  

A dog pees near the patio just outside of my room.  

And I'm awake.  

Actually, I'm using what little bits of "vacation" time I have (what the hell is that anyway?  I have no clue what a vacation is anyway) to strap on the rocket pack and blast into several great new endeavors, a whole series of content, and maybe a surprise or two.

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

So just what can you expect from D'Scoop over the next couple of weeks? 

- Be prepared for the launch of our new chat on Twitter, #DesignLux, coming Thursdays at 1pm PST / 4 pm EST.  We'll be a flutter about all things interior including yacht, aeroplane, and automotive interiors. Not to mention it gives me the opportunity to go to just a few more shows for you.

- The D'Scoop Correspondent Program.  We'll be looking for a few good men and you just might be one of them. 

- A preview of the new Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX. We've been piggybacking on the coattails of our friends at the new and will be bringing you some of the best in luxury budget travel (oxymorons at their finest!).  

- More show coverage - from Los Angeles' Dwell on Design to Market in Las Vegas, we've got photos. 10,000 or so at last count....  

- And of course... more drinking. There I said it.  

Anyway.... it's breakfast time (or time to go back to sleep.... ) dream well and I'll catch you on the flip side!