Bathing with Wine - Victoria + Albert's Tombolo Bath Caddy

It should come as no surprise to anyone of my readers that I like to enjoy a long day with a glass of wine.  It's unfortunate that said glass of wine tends to occur during said long day rather than after but still. 

Tomato, Tah-mahto right?

Image Courtesy Victoria + Albert

Image Courtesy Victoria + Albert

So one could only imagine my little squeals of joy when I caught wind of a certain bath caddy from the amazingly awesome Victoria + Albert (Who I'm assuming must be spying on me.... stalkers!).  The newest addition to their accessories line up, Tombolo, is a sinuous teak tray constructed using traditional boat building techniques meant to fit across their rim-less bathtubs.  According to V+A, it keeps bath essentials within arm's reach.  I could only help but notice the not one but TWO cut outs sized perfectly for a relaxing glass of merlot. 

Or, for that matter, my martinis.  

Tombolo | Victoria + Albert

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