TrendTuesday - The Quirky Statement

Once upon a time, being the eccentric meant that you were probably that one weird guy in the building that always wore plaid pants with a handlebar mustache and carried the walking stick with a Moby Dick carving on the handle.  

Translation: Weird.  

That didn't strike a chord did it?  Might be time to replace those plaid pants if it did.   

And for some time, interiors fit very much into that stigma.  Growing up we always had a matching set of living room furniture and my parents still insist on having all of their bedroom pieces come from the same collection.  Uncanny isn't it?

But now, with the popularity of flea markets, thrift stores, and antiques tours like those offered by Toma Clark Haines and her company The Antiques Diva, eccentricity is not simply the norm but it's almost expected.  Designers and Clients alike scouring the countryside for some random, expectedly unexpected piece to round out a design and set their design apart form what might be considered the norm (or their neighbors). 

This summer's Market, held yearly at the World Market Center in Las Vegas, provided no shortage of eccentricities, where taxidermy, busts, and burlap were very popular.  There were, of course, a few I'd have loved to take home.


Though they're striking on their own, these mid-century Dior busts from Lulu & Co, as a group, was quirky, classic, and maybe even a little creepy.  Maybe that's why I fell for them the instant I saw them across the floor.


There's always the NewYork sideboard from Noir Furniture.  Personally, I'm all about texture.  And this piece provides no shortage of texture by way of randomly assembled angled blocks of natural oak.  There is a bit of a warning to this piece - Just one look and you may second guess attempting to retrieve the articles within.  


In so many years of designing, I've seen interiors featuring cars, motorcycles, and even train cars.  But tell me... just how would the Jones keep up with you if you parked Andrew Martin's chrome beauty in your living room?  Yeah... I didn't think so.


Don't let the kids get too excited just yet (they're already asking for the airplane I'd assume) as Four Hands' playground rocker is all child's play.  But alas, even the kiddies outgrow the playground.  Forget bronzing their shoes.... 

So the question is... what quirky piece will you be setting out this year?   

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