#DesignLux and One Heck of a Giveaway!

Guess what kiddies?

On September 26th, #DesignLux will be 7 weeks old!  

So that isn't the biggest milestone save to say that you've all managed to captivate my attention way past my ADD medications (congratulations!) and have had a bit of fun in the process. But you should all know me well enough that I don't need much reason to have a little celebration. 

Even if it does mean someone's got to clean up the confetti.  

Needless to say, I was pondering just how to celebrate such a wondrous time and I thought "I KNOW! I'll give you a project....".  Because I know JUST how much all of you love being the weekend warrior type (or in my case, being the weekend director type) AND how much you all love a little something shiny to call your own. 

[Did someone say prizes?]


Which is why I'm bringing my friend Sandra Powell to keep you all busy during the chat!  Some of you know her best as Sawdust Girl (check her site out here), but I know her as All Around Awesome (I trademarked that by the way).  Listen, there's something you need to know about Sandra.  This is a woman with a tool belt.  Not a pink-fuzzy-handled-hammer kind of tool belt but an "I remodeled five homes on my own" kind of woman.

She IS the do-it-all-yourself woman (though I bet she'll let you open her door) and as a result, her talents have evolved into something more than just Do It Yourself.  She's pioneering a new concept - virtual one-onone coaching - urging clients to leave the nest and attempt more substantial DIY projects, with her virtual assistance of course, with worthwhile and rewarding results.  

[Seriously... you said there were prizes] 


And because along with every great coach there should be a greater trophy, Pfister Faucets has graciously decided to give us a pot sweetener.  That's right kiddies... Pfister is going to MAKE YOU WORK!  

What's the trophy you say? 

[Get to the prizes already] 

$500 buckaronies!

That's right, at the end of #DesignLux on Thursday, September 26th (Join in at 1pm PT/4pm ET) , we'll be selecting from our pot of entries one person to win a Pfister faucet up to a $500.00 value!

There are a ton of entries to be had but you'll have to make sure you're there during the chat on Thursday!   Make sure to drop over to Pfister Faucets (here) and check out the new Slate finish!

Note: Please make sure to read the applicable terms & conditions.  Giveaway is only available to residents of the United States (no offense to my Canadian buddies).

Disclaimer:  DCoopMedia has not been compensated for this post outside of the giveaway prize.