Los Angeles Auto Show Hightlights: For the Rest of Us

Continuing our coverage of the Los Angeles Auto Show, D'Scoop takes you out of the clouds and the world of the One-Percent (for our five, Auto Show Luxury Favorites, see our post yesterday HERE) and back down to reality with a presentation of our five favorite introduction and debuts for the normal crowd.  And because we are a luxury publication we made sure that each of our selections still had an element of luxury. Don't shoot us.... it's our job.

2016 Audi TT Roadster

Originally introduced in 1998, the Audi TT hasn't seem much in the way of change over its 16 years of existence.  A tuck there, a poke here, the rounded coupe remained relatively untouched.  For 2016, Audi has decided that the Old Gal was ready for a bit of a facelift using elements from its A6 and A7 design tool box and producing a more robust, agile roadster. The octagonal grill is present as is an iteration of it's wrapped headlamps.  Earlier curves continue to grace the roadster's flank.  For the most part, it's still the same TT... with brand new shoes.

2015 Ford Edge

Once Ford got hold of the designs of itss late child Aston Martin, the aesthetic direction of the entire Ford line-up began seeing new injections of life in their old, rental-car-esque designs.  Gone are odd curves and shapely hips and here instead are angled flanks and carved geometric flow.  The 2015 Ford Edge, replacing the dowdy earlier edition, breaths new life into the popular Ford Crossover.  Honestly, we think it couldn't look better now that it's all grown up.

2015 Jeep Renegade

True 1960's small car retro styling is back in full force.  Jeep, a vehicle often criticized for missing the design boat every time their designers make an attempt at producing something other then their mainstay off-road topless cruiser, the Wrangler, however, this time around they've created something not only fun-loving in the 2015 Renegade but, dare I say it, cute crossover that D'Scoop easily sees gracing the future high-school parking lots and beach blanket bingo's everywhere.  By the way, Jeep offers a slew of optional accessories meant to allow the owner true customization.  One of those options?  Teak floor mats.

2015 Nissan Murano

Nissan's prior generation Murano was bulky, bulbous and just an overall obese crossover.  And when Nissan offered the awkward vehicle in a convertible variant, we all thought it was over for the Murano.  Drastically restyled for 2015, it can now be deemed acceptable for human consumption.  Aside from shaving off a few pounds and reshaping the Murano's hips giving the small SUV a clean fold extending from front to rear, the interior has seen a near complete refit featuring more quality, tactile finishes as well as technology and styling cues from its Infiniti brethren. 

2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan

Once again, Toyota attempts world domination with the introduction of the 2016 Mirai Fuel Cell Sedan.  Incorporating the relatively untapped potential of hydrogen fuel cells, a technology BMW began developing in the mid-1990's, into a small bodied, nimble people mover...er...sedan, the Mirai attempts to replicate the success of the Prius' hybrid technology with a new generation of buyers.  The only downside?  The cost isn't exactly approachable just yet. 

Los Angeles Auto Show
November 21st - 30th, 2014

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