A #DesignLux Designer Marketplace Mention

The World Wide Web of Twitter can be tricky to navigate for new users. 

Followers and Hashtags and that whole 140 character thing (for someone like me who finds it hard to write short emails THAT was the hardest part in my early Twitter years).  And if you don't know where to start, Twitter can be EVEN MORE complicated!

One of the questions I hear quite often is in the quest for new followers.  You'll stumble across a profile with 25,000 followers, 40,000 followers... or more.  Even I sit in disbelief when comparing my measly 4,975 followers with these giant accounts.

Just how does one gain these followers without resorting to "buying" them? 

I could go on forever myself but I love how #DesignLux friend Laurie Laizure of Customized Walls sums it up so elequently in her piece for Williams Sonoma's Designer Marketplace.   (Clicking the photo will take you to the article)

One of the four ways, she says to join Twitter chats for their exposure to brands, colleagues and the great number of supportive people on Twitter.  Those of us at #DesignLux (Thursdays 1pm PT/4pm ET, returning January 2nd) couldn't agree more!  And not just because Laurie made sure to send a shout out our way!

Definitely take a look at Laurie's article and because the key to Twitter success is sharing, share with a fellow twitter newbie!

Many thanks to Laurie Laizure and Williams Sonoma for including #DesignLux!

DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post.  Image courtesy Designer Marketplace and Laurie Laizure.