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An Education in Luxury: DCoopMedia Asks Our Readers for Help

Dear Readers -

At the start of 2015 I made only one resolution (two if you count making an attempt to blog daily) - to be more personal in my media efforts. Both here on D'Scoop and through my various social media channels, I want to make certain that my readers and followers truly get to know me.  it is all in the quest to be authentic, something I continually strive to be as well as advise my clients and colleagues to be within their own media channels.

Thanks to Daisy Fromkin for this image.

Thanks to Daisy Fromkin for this image.

For as long as I can remember I've always made a valiant effort to remain independent in my endeavors and even today I nearly always prefer to be the Mother Hen, lending my ear, rather than asking, or worse more, accepting help, even when I really needed it (and whether I wanted to admit it or not).  In all honesty, this little facet of my personality is something that I consider to be my worst trait. 

Though the result is that I continue to maintain a perceived sense of independence, I also realize that it has been an impediment, resulting in the passing up of a number of great experiences and opportunities, chances to really immerse myself in both the cultures about which I write as well as the true business side of the luxury marketplace.  Although I'm not a fan of regrets I can't help but dwell on them just a bit.

Courtesy Financial Times

Courtesy Financial Times

Courtesy Financial Times

Courtesy Financial Times

Just after the holidays, I'd found that I'd been invited to an by-invitation-only event in Saudi Arabia as well as been alerted to a summit in Monte Carlo focused on both the part of technology in the Luxury marketplace but also the new consumer. Both events are not simply a superficial show of high priced objects and baubles but instead substantial opportunities to be both face to face with the world's leading experts and foremost influencers in the luxury marketplace.

These two events are why I'm reaching out to you, my reader, for assistance. As any business owner knows, the launching of any endeavor can make for strains in terms of finances.  With both events being overseas and neither in locations which lend themselves to the budget traveler, I've put together a GoFundMe campaign.  It's my way of asking for your help.

Clicking through will take you to all of the show's details as well as my goals for both. As they say, every little bit helps and will certainly go a long way. Seriously, your help would absolutely mean the world to me!

Of course, please do ask me any questions you wish - I'm always happy to share!

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!

- Your fearless editor, Brandon

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