Let Them Have.... Bread? Baguette Tables by Studio Rygalik

In the house of DCoopMedia, I'm pretty much the only person who eats anything with a healthy amount of carbs.  Things like fresh home-made pasta and flaky croissants are just vices I'm not quite willing to give up in the quest for making my body the "Eternal Temple". 

Then again, I drink Diet Coke like it's going out of style so I might just have failed this task right out of the gate.

What this all means is that because the Better Half has been in a constant state of Diet since the change of the last millennium and because gorging myself on all two feet of flaky crispiness that is the French baguette will do nothing for my own lady like figure, I end up with a lot of stale bread.

And it's not for lack of wanting to eat the entire loaf it's just that the perfectly fresh baked loaves tend to last maybe a day tops.  So just what does one do with their uneaten yet oh-so-treasured loaves of French tastiness? Feed it to the birds? Sword fights?  Save them for Thanksgiving stuffing?

Although meant to be a social commentary on the amount of food wasted on a daily basis, the Baquette Tables created by Studio Rygalik for Vienna Design Week Laboratory might be just the perfect solution.

Though the fresh baked aroma has all but disappeared from these tables, there is something in me that just wants to slather their tops with butter and begin to gnaw.  What are your thoughts?  Quirky? Crazy? Or just plain nuts?

DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post.  Images courtesy Studio Rygalik.