Bentley's Long-Awaited SUV to Bear Nature Inspired Badge: Bentayga

It was 2012 when Bentley made waves in the automotive industry with the announcement of their plans to introduce an SUV to their stable of ultra-luxury coupes, convertibles, and sedans.  The EXP-9-F Concept stunned attendees when it previewed at that year's Geneva Auto Show.  The concept's looks were anything but ordinary and the massive luxury beast's design generated a fair share of controversy - from its oversize headlamps to its box-like shape.

Three years later, auto enthusiasts and lovers of luxury alike wait with bated breath, the SUV's planned launch and introduction of the final production model planned for late 2015.  Bentley, being the tease that most high-end exotic vehicle manufacturers are known to be, continues to drop hints - a quarter panel detail shot here, a shadowy video of its silhouette there - leaving us ever more impatient to see for the first time just what Bentley imagines is a sports utility vehicle. Today, another tiny tease, we learn the name of the mighty SUV.


A rugged peak of soft rock, a result of millions of years of geological formation, Rogue Bentayga is a natural formation once used for high worship and consulting the stars, a magnificent element jutting forth from the landscape of the world's largest transcontinental snowforest, a storied part of the subtropical Canary Islands.  The peak was a place of ritual, a place of inhabitance, and a place of importance guarded by stone walls meant to keep out the profane world.

In naming the fabled SUV Bentayga, Bentley instills a sense of importance, a sense of comfort, and even a sense of mystery on the upcoming SUV.  Representing Bentley's great heights and its limitless luxury, Bentayga is meant, not unlike Rogue Bentayga, to protect from the world beyond, to guide its owners and those lucky enough to pilot them beyond the stretches of asphalt to environments typically beyond the reaches of luxury vehicles.  Certainly Bentayga will produce a fair share of mis-pronunciations (the "yg" combination will be a tongue twister for sure) but isn't that part of the mystique?  Rarely occurs a human who can actually pronounce Huayra or Koenigsegg and yet neither have hindered the exotic exclusivity of the machines graced by their complicated marques.

Ah to wait just a little while longer.  Road Trip?

The Bentley Bentayga is to be introduced late 2015 and for sale in early 2016. 
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