The Fairy Tale - #DesignLUX Discusses the Modern Castle with Ann McDonald

As children, I'm certain that all of us had fantasies of stepping across the moat via a drawbridge of rough hewn oak beams and through stone arch way fitted with a giant heavy portcullis before entering a majestic courtyard and then, behind enormous carved doors, a suite of rooms befit for royalty. 

For the boys, it might have been about being knighted and slaying dragons. Jousting in the courtyard and enjoying the entertainment of a court jester.  For the girls, maybe it was letting down locks of blonde from a tower window and being saved by their Prince Charming.

Oh, who are we fooling. I wanted to be saved by my Prince Charming too. You have to admit, he was pretty hot.

And now, as adults, we still want to live in our Fairy Tale chateau, building expansive homes that resemble our favorite Tuscan villa.  We're traveling to far flung European destinations to bring home true French, German, and Sweedish antiques.  And we're certainly no longer afraid to live with a little opulence. 

This Thursday, March 20th, #DesignLUX is visiting the modern castle, discussing the trend towards antiques, tradition, and a little bit of a fairy tale.  California estate designer Ann McDonald, of Couture Chateau will be joining as our super-Lux Guest Host.  Bring your inspiration, images, and heck, feel free to bring a few travel photos of castles and chateaus you've visited. 

Let's pop a cork and celebrate the Fairy Tale lifestyle.

Thursday, 20 March 2014 at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET.

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