Bunnies: The Work of Hunt Slonem

Since the artists first put paintbrush to canvas, animals have been a constant source of inspiration.  From bulls depicted in the first cave paintings at Lascaux, the doves ever present in the artworks of Renaissance masters, to the peacocks which took center stage in Arts & Crafts wallcoverings and massive stone horse at South Dakota's Crazy Horse Memorial - animals have not only brought a sense of life to the arts in which they're depicted but they've also come to provide symbolic emphasis as well.

With "Bunnies", Hunt Slonem, an American artist whose fanciful depictions of romantic wildlife have earned him the following of prominent collections the world over, brings to canvas and to San Diego's Madison Galleries a colony of whimsical and offbeat rabbits featuring his signature graphic qualities and playful yet commanding brushstrokes.  The collection, although centered on the hare, also features butterflies, parrots (the artist currently has over 60 parrots at home), and almost surreal depictions of the human head.

Although the works featuring not-so-cottontail themes give a glimpse as to just why Slonem is so loved - deep textures, spirited strokes, and vibrant colors are almost always present in his works - it is the bunny collection in which he truly excels in bringing out the essence of the rabbit. Symbolically, the rabbit has come to be known in a number of cultures as fertility, growth, speed, rebirth, and abundance.  Slonem's simple depictions made sometimes with singular brushstrokes dashing off their recognizable shapes.  More so, for the artist the smaller pieces are actually morning warm-ups, part of his daily process to prepare for the larger works he works on during the day.

Slomen's cute and cuddly (though some say sinister and sultry) Bunnies will be hanging at Madison Gallery until September 23rd. 

Hunt Slonem | www.huntslonem.com

Madison Gallery | www.madisongalleries.com
Hunt Slonem's "Bunnies" continues until September 23rd.  The entire collection may be viewed online. Hunt Slonem's newest book "Bunnies" is available through Amazon.com HERE and will also be available in the upcoming D'Scoop Book Store, coming in October.

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