A Call for 2013 - We Want You!

Hello world! 

Can you believe it's nearly the end of 2012?  And there is still so much drinking to do


So here's the deal... D'Scoop has a shitton (yes that's a word!) of awesomeness planned for 2013 with the shows and parties and what have you.  But we want MORE.  We want your products, your projects, and your opinions.  So we're looking for You! *insert Uncle Sam menacing finger point here*

That's right kiddos.  We want what you have to give (within reason.... still unsure about the box of taxidermied hamsters that The Bloggess received not too long ago...) and we'll take all you've got.   I especially like to do product reviews (think of me like your IRS attorney - the blunt truth!) and party invites (I've got a Big Girl closet of cool clothes).  Airline tickets and new cars are always acceptable too. 

Interested?  Want to know more? Send us a message at info@dcoopmedia.com and we'll talk.  Or you'll talk (read: bribe) and I'll answer. 

Just remember, we do abide by all rules as spelled out by the FCC and do like to play by the book.  I may say shit in your review a gazillion times but hey, that's about all I'll do to piss off my readers. Just sayin'.

Can't wait to see what you have for me!

Brandon Smith-Stephens