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To Every End There is a Beginning: #DesignLUX Newel Posts

Spending the week researching the content for Staircase Week on the Corinne Gail Interior Design blog has resulted in the uncovering of so many wonderfully spectacular artisans, masters in the craft of producing not simply entire staircase structures but also the individual elements that make up each and every one of them.  As they say, the forest sometimes can be about the trees. And when it comes to the trees, it begins and ends with the Newel Post.

Feeling inspired by these great sculptors of wood and metal, D'Scoop has put together a few of our choice favorite rail terminations.

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Palm Springs Fine Art Fair - A Round-Up

The hardest part about art is quite simply in determining which of the ba-jillion pieces on the market today is meant for oneself.  That and determining where to hang large scale pieces on such small walls. 

Oh. And affording all of the amazing pieces you fall in love with.

This year's Palm Springs Fine Art Fair was no different and provided a number of opportunities to commit at least one of the seven deadly sins - envy. Two common thematic prevailed through the show - the element of surprise and interaction - both of which I quite thoroughly enjoyed. 

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