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SMC Design: Confirmed Design Group for Cunard's Queen Mary 2

Since 1840, the ships of luxury operator Cunard have held a virtual throne among the cruise ship industry, Cunard's royal family of transatlantic liners, each bearing the name of long-standing British monarch, setting the standard for impeccable service and classically designed, refined interior architecture not to mention bringing some of the world's largest water going vessels to market.  

The Queen Mary 2 sits at the pinnacle of Cunard's fleet and is the culmination of 175 years of maritime history.  Launching the next chapter in her particularly famous career, Cunard has announced that she'll undergo a major architectural refit in 2016, tasking London-based hospitality design firm SMC Design with the redevelopment of QM2's interior spaces.

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Traditional Design in the 21st Century: #DesignLUX Examines Classically Inspired Design for the Modern Household

Even as contemporary and transitional design aesthetics continue their rise in popularity among homeowners and designers alike, environments deeply rooted in tradition and regional heritage remain at the foundation of good taste and truly great design.  Be it the primitive and grassroots-influenced Spanish & Mission styles beckoning to California’s newborn years or the highly ornate and English inspired Federalist and Regency styles made popular during the start of this great nation, traditional design reigns supreme, continually reinventing itself through the innovations of designers, architects, and craftspeople as well as the outside influence of technology, method, and region.

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America the Beautiful: Finding Originality in American Luxury with Blanton's Bourbon

It was 1776 when the very first design of American origin was signed into order.  Since its inception, it has set a standard for similar documents to which other countries strive to reach.  Being at the forefront of technology, the arts, music, and industrial design, the United States did not let the Declaration of Independence be the last of the cultural innovations to come from American thinkers.  Influenced by Jazz and the Blues, it was from the electric guitar of songwriter Chuck Berry that Rock and Roll came to be.  From a garage in New Mexico came the very first personal computer, the MITS Atair 8800 (Bill Gates was not the first).  Abstract Impressionism, an artistic style meant to physically represent what was within the artist, found its birth on US soils before gaining widespread international influence.  It was from Major William Le Baron Jenney in the great city of Chicago that the modern skyscraper finds its roots.

And in a warehouse in Kentucky came Blanton's, the worlds first single barrel Bourbon.

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New #Luxury Design Products Spotlight: Week of June 1st

New Luxury Product Spotlight Featuring:

ME by Starck for Duravit
Angles Rug Collection from Jan Kath Carpet Design
Metro Stainless Steel Tile Collection from Sygma Group
Olivera Chaise Longue by Khouri Guzman Bunce Lininger
The Eden Chandelier by Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Daum
Silver Mylar Wallpaper Collection from Aimée Wilder

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Five Lessons in Interior Design as Taught by Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015

When it comes to taking on the challenge of designing one's own personal environment, following the rules can transform the experience from a journey of self enlightenment into a mind boggling personal hell.  Trust us, even as professionals, keeping in mind guidelines dictating scale, proportion, color theory, and human ergonomics while developing a creative and personal interior environment has resulted in an unfathomable number of sleepless nights.

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