Celebrate Earth Day with Toto USA & #DesignLUX!

DCoopMedia being located in the sunny enclaves of Southern California, we know all too well about water conservation and sustainable use.  It's drilled into our every waking moment with restrictions on when we can water our lawns, higher utility rates, and the constant scream from local politicians that "we're going to run out of water soon!"

(Which can be seen as ironic since we're adjacent a very large body of water...)

The reality is, there is truth to the matter as local literal watering holes begin drying up and disappearing.  Stunning locales like Big Bear Lake have seen drastic reductions in their volume and not so sunning locations like the Salton Sea are seeing their water being replaced with something else entirely. 

As interior designers and specifiers there are so many great things we could be doing for our clients that not only help them save a bit of moolah but also leave a bit more water for the proverbial whales.  On a special Tuesday #EarthDay edition of #DesignLUX, join us with sponsor Toto USA as we examine the tips, tricks and products that help keep our water supply healthy. 

Tuesday April 22nd at 1pm PT / 4pm ET

Stay Tuned throughout the week as we Tweet additional conservation tips!

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