Celebrating - Hashtag Blessed

It's somewhat rare that I post snippets of my personal life here on D'Scoop.  Part of it probably comes from the need to remain relatively guarded in a world where everyone on the internet "knows your name".  It's a bit like Cheers.  I post on Twitter and immediately I'm flooded with comments and likes and favorites from people round the world ... many of whom barely know my name let alone the me behind the keyboard (or in many cases, behind the iPhone).

In the world of PR and marketing we're all taught to be voices for the brands we represent.  Or in my case, for the magazine.  It's a constant battle between the world we portray and the world in which we're actually living.  I certainly don't feel there is anything wrong with that so long as it's warranted. 

But in my case, I am my brand.  For several years I've worked tirelessly to cultivate the brand behind Brandon Smith, developing the personality that is #DesignLUX and theTwentySIX and, ultimately, DCoopMedia.  My brands are an extension of me. And with that I should be allowed some allowance for being somewhat sappy and personal in my posts. I mean, what you're buying is me, right?  So why shouldn't you know all the quirks and flaws and moments that make up the paradigm that is me.

This week, I was given the privilege of joining several esteemed writers, reporters, and reviewers from a number of outlets that even I read on a regular basis, to take part in the International preview and first drive of BMW's new i8 sports car, a car which is believed to be the antithesis to the automotive industry.  The catalyst needed to change America's perception of what the sports car should be.  Certainly, from the perspective of its design and its log of sustainable features, it will be just that.  It's a revitalization of a marketplace that has prided itself on putting performance aspects above all else, sometimes to the detriment of the car in play.

it is, without a doubt, an injection of fresh air into an otherwise staid automotive environment. 

Aside from all of that, sitting six floors above the Santa Monica beaches stretching past the front doors of the Fairmont Hotel, I can't help but see a parallel between myself and the i8.  I started DCoopMedia last year with the intentions of bringing to the Luxury marketplace a fresh take, a different perspective, and a new look into the definition of luxury for the consumer.  Certainly my endeavors are still in their infancy but I can't help but think that I too am the catalyst for change.  DesignLUX last week celebrated 83 million impressions having reached nearly 8 million unique Twitter users.  theTwentySIX hit a milestone 50,000 readers and 100,000 individual views. 

I never thought that both would take off as quickly as they have and I certainly never thought I'd be sitting here enjoying the cool breezes of a Southern California beach summer day at the expense of one of the world's largest auto manufacturers.  I'm certainly feeling blessed. 

This post certainly isn't meant to be "douchey" or to rub success in one's faces but to thank everyone for being as supportive as they have in the past nine months.  I'm humbled.  I'm grateful.  I might be a little drunk from having consumed several glasses of champagne with executives from BMW.

But I'm content. And in the end that is all that matters.

So thank you.  Thank you all for making me and my brands matter to you.  Thank you for your continued support, for your tweets & retweets.  Thank you for helping make DCoopMedia what it has become in such a short time.  And most importantly, thank you for simply being part of my journey.