Coryanne Ettiene: Queen of the Kitchen and #DesignLux Guest

I don't pretend to be a wizard in the kitchen.  I mean, I can boil an egg, make toast and my beouf bourgignon has received rave reviews.  But ask me to whip something up out of thin air and I'm at a loss.

Pass the wine!


Never fear!  There is one woman, a Londoner turned Seattleite who, I kid you not, is the Queen of the Kitchen!  If you don't already know Coryanne Ettiene, you've probably been living under a rock somewhere.  She's sassy.  She's witty.  She's the creative genius behind Kitchen Living with Coryanne.  And she believes that EVERYONE should get dirty in the kitchen.

And she's ours for a full hour during #DesignLux on Thursday December 12th!  It might be the luckiest day I've had all year!


Coryanne will be joining our ever wonderful partner Littman Brands and Hudson Valley Lighting as we discuss the principles of entertaining including one of our favorite subjects - lighting!  Ok so we're not going to talk about just lighting but it's an important element to holiday entertaining right?  

{Did I mention we might just be giving away some surprises?}

So pop on in and join Coryanne, Hudson Valley Lighting and the team behind D'Scoop!

#DesignLux - Thursday December 12th at 1pm PT/4pm ET

Kitchen Living with Coryanne |

Hudson Valley Lighting |
On Display Above {L-R): Kyle Pendant, Waterloo Chandelier, Dayton Sconce

DCoopMedia was compensated for this post as a part of our #DesignLux media partnership with Littman Brands.  Images of lighting copyright Hudson Valley Lighting and may not be used without permission.  Images of food still life & Coryanne courtesy Coryanne Ettienne and may not be used without permission.