At It Again: DCoopMedia is Up For a Microblogger Award

Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that I pretty much don't know how to shut up.

It's true.  Since I joined Twitter in 2011 I've given you something like 50,000 sound bites - the random musings from my brain.  It's hard to imagine that four years has gone by so quickly!

More so, I've encouraged you all to do the same, launching #DesignLUX in August of 2013, prompting almost 400 of you to create some 7,700 tweets since between January 1st and February 21st of 2015 exposing an estimate 1.1 million unique users on Twitter to the #DesignLUX brand.  Call it peer pressure if you will.  Just don't ask for candy... I don't share.

Anyway, apparently what I call a day in the life of Brandon actually means something a bit more to a few of your and, as a result, I've landed myself a JDR Industry Blogger Award nomination in the category of Microblogger.  JDR, or Jackson Design & Remodeling, a San Diego remodeling force, recognizes exemplary bloggers and microbloggers each year with winners in six categories ranging from blogs focused on architecture, green design, and interior design to microbloggers myself who've build a presence in the design marketplace through social media channels. To be nominated to a crowd that includes Todd Vendetouli's Building Blox and Michelle Alfano's Mod Design Guru is an honor itself.

But I was meant to be the star of the show and not simply the opening act.

This is where you come in.... Starting February 23rd and continuing through April 10th, you have the opportunity to make your voice heard and let JDR know that I deserve to see my name in lights.  Please take a moment and shoot over to place your vote for Brandon Smith/D'Scoop/DCoopSD under the category of Microblogger (the badge located at bottom right) and let good karma come your way!

To Vote:
Until April 10th 2015

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