What's Going to Trend? Bill Indursky Spills the Beans During Interior Design Camp

Those who know me know just how much I hate to camp. 

It's a fairly well known fact that my idea of roughing it is an entire family of four crammed into a tiny hotel room with just one bathroom.  As they say, however, there are exceptions to every rule and I have, on a number of occasions, found myself spending two and a half days with super designers Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis at their periodic Interior Design Camp.

This year's camp was, perhaps, the hottest instance of Design Camp of them all - it was held in none other than Las Vegas.

Though each Camp is quite informative and chock full of the information every interior designer needs to grow their business, my favorite session is, without a doubt, the introduction of upcoming trends by Bill Indursky of Design Life Network.  He is quite simply a wealth of information.

So just what does Bill project as the upcoming trends?  Since I'm so nice, I thought I'd share the basics of his research along with a few choice examples taken from my various travels.

Chunky Qualities | Volumes within Volumes | Squished & Deformed Volumes
Warped Planes | Neon Pastels | Big Balls

"Sacred Simplicity"
The Principles of Design, Altered | Familiar but New | Delft & Blueware
Wood in its Raw Forms | Mixed Metals

"Peasant Times"
Over the Top | Rococo | Florals | Romantic Notions of What it's Like to be Poor
Florals are Coming Back | Collected Living

"Transformative States"
Solids + Liquids | Transforming Elements | Spatial Ambiguity | Grunge
Fractal + Crystal Forms | Defining Space with Light

For more about Bill Indursky visit him at his website, Design Life Network, or connect with him Twitter @BillIndursky.
For more information about Interior Design Camp and the upcoming Camp Schedule, pop over to their site HERE or connect with them on Twitter @TheDesignCamp.


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