Escape the Heat with #DesignLUX

If you're anywhere near Southern California you know that we're melting.  I don't mean polar ice cap melting into the Pacific type of melting but "OMG my ice cream cone is dripping on my flip flops" melting.

And for those of you that are jealous, please, don't be.  Seriously.

We've hit that one point in the weather called Indian Summer...that last big of insane heat just before the temperatures drop and we can bring out the cashmere.   Those last few days of "gawd I just want to be naked all day long" before we bundle up and start thinking in terms of firewood. What's a girl to do?

This Thursday, September 18th, strip down to your chonies, pour yourself a chilled glass of pinot grigio, and join #DesignLUX for one last summer chat.  We'll be cooling down Twitter with our own special blend of inspiration, advice, and debauchery.  Bring your pins and tips for keeping it cool even in the hottest of moments.  If even for just one hour you'll feel like you too have air conditioning. September 18th, 1pmPT/4pmET on Twitter.

Thursday, September 18th at 1pmPT/4pmET

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