Cheers! #DesignLUX Perfects the Home Bar

Did you know that in 2007 Congress introduced important legislation that made the month of September National Bourbon Heritage Month.  That's right kiddies, the quintessential Kentucky liquor that becomes the base for all of our Old Fashions, Mint Juleps, and Manhattans has its own month.  How's that for a reason to celebrate?

Here in the house of DCoopMedia bourbon is the drink of choice for the Mister and, as such, we couldn't let such an important month slip by without so much as a party.  To celebrate #DesignLUX will be working the home bar - provide inspiration, tips, and solid advice for creating the perfect home bar. From furniture to decanters to bar ware to must have liquors.  

Join us on Twitter, Thursday September 25th at 1pmPT/4pmET.  And don't forget to bring your favorite drink!  And a little request.... between now and Thursday, post a selfie with your favorite cocktail (or mocktail for that matter) to Instagram or Twitter and tag #DesignLUX.  We'll be posting our fun favorites right here on D'Scoop!

Thursday September 25th at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET.

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