Interior Design & Sports Themes: A #DesignLUX Conversation

For the majority of men in the United States, tomorrow is, for the most part, a national holiday. 

The result of 256 games played by 16 American football teams comes down to one grudge match - an East Coast meets West Coast turf war perhaps.  Four quarters of competitive action, a stellar half-time concert and some of the best advertisements of the year (remember the Jedi and Volkswagen?) will air as part of The Big Game live from Arizona tomorrow.  The television will be a magnet of epic proportions - even here in the DCoopMedia household where we're not necessarily rooting for either of the competing teams.

Sports has always been an integral part of our household, as I'm sure it is in any other male-centric household, especially considering the Mister's love of Football, Basketball and even Baseball. Because we don't have the space in our 100 year old bungalow to devote exclusively to a mancave for the sole purpose of sitting back with a beer and catching the current game, our living room is Sports Central - an oversized flat screen television occupying prime real estate above our fireplace mantle.  A Raider helmet sits atop the dresser in our bedroom.  And it's quite often that Steve's Giants hats are strewn around the house. Did I mention that we actually have Raiders ornaments for our Christmas tree every year?

Because sporting equipment, jerseys, and other memorabilia isn't always aesthetically friendly - Tom Brady jersey hanging above the buffet in the dining room - a decorative dilemma results. The balance between keeping the sports lover in your family content and ensuring that your home doesn't come off looking like the local sports bar.

You shouldn't have to wage the battle alone which is why #DesignLUX this Thursday February 5th is slipping into something a bit more competitive - our team jersey - to tackle a design dilemma that has been around since the invention of the pigskin.  Join in the conversation as we cover aesthetically pleasing display options for sports memorabilia, storage solutions, and design friendly ways to integrate your favorite sports themes into high-end decor.

#DesignLUX | Thursday February 5th 2015, 1pmPT/4pmET

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