Slip Into Something Comfortable: #DesignLUX & The Boudoir

Happy Post-Valentine's Day my Friends! 

I hope that you found your Saturday littered with the obligatory cliches that come with such a romantic holiday.  Sugary hearts emblazoned with flattering compliments? Cardboard square imprinted with a cartoonish character and the words "Be Mine" perhaps?  Or maybe something more dramatic like a boombox above the head while wearing a trench coat.  And for my single friends who hate the holiday - I simply hope you were blissfully drunk.

As is the norm for D'Scoop, the Mister and I spent our holiday weekend immersed in a bit of nostalgia, jetting up to Palm Springs for the annual festivities surrounding Modernism Week.  For us there is simply nothing like a weekend of wonderful cocktail parties with friends, throwbacks to our childhood (and our parent's childhoods) and the dry heat of a Southern California desert to show our love (apologies for our east coast friends buried under the snow).

All of this nostalgia - from the faded Valentines to Mid-Century Modern Marvels - tied with this weekend's release of the lady-porn "50 Shades of Grey" inspired this week's #DesignLUX topic.  In the past we've devoted quite a few bytes of information to the humans of a more masculine nature.  The Man Cave was quite a popular topic, we've showcased the home theater, and just last week, to celebrate The Big Game, we chatted about the the fine balance between sports themes and home decor.  It should seem only fair that we don our bloomers, rustle up a little ruffles, and lace up the corset for something decidedly more feminine.

Which is all why this week #DesignLUX is entering a haven rarely seen by the male eye - the Lady's Boudoir.  Ruffles, Ribbon, Lace and Gems - join this week's Turbo Conversation as we share not only inspiration and tricks for developing a boudoir of one's own but also imagery from the special spaces of some of the most famous leading ladies. 

#DesignLUX | Thursday February 19th, 2015 | 1pmPT/4pmET
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