Shagadelic Baby! #DesignLux Discusses Fur In Design January 16th

We at DCoopMedia have felt a little pain for all of our friends and family stuck in the middle of the Polar Vortex.

I personally have felt their pain so much I've made sure to sit in front of my space heater with a lap blanket every day this week. 

So maybe California isn't exactly feeling the pain... and we're probably not getting much sympathy either (my flip flops broke this week). 

Which is why #DesignLux, January 16th will be dedicated to our frozen brethren. 


Fur is big again.  Whether PETA approves doesn't seem to matter.

What does is that Fall Fashion, Interior Design Trends, and even my dog says Fur has made a comeback for 2014.  It's warm, it's cozy and it sure beats fleece any day of the week.

And yes, it's even a little bit controversial (pour a second glass of wine just in case).

Join #DesignLux, Thursday January 16th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET for a special Polar Vortex edition.  Bring your thoughts, inspirations, and maybe... just maybe a little red paint (though the exact shade must be preapproved)

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