What Happens in Vegas...Is Talked About on #DesignLUX

For those who don't already know, your fearless leader is a native of Sin City.  That's right... I was born in good ole' Las Vegas, Nevada.  Some say I emerged from the womb with feathers.

Showgirl style.

While cruising the Las Vegas Strip last week during Market, I spent quite a bit of time reminiscing.  So much of the Strip has changed since I made my appearance in 1981. In fact, there really isn't anything left from my childhood.  Las Vegas is in a constant state of flux.  The old must be replaced with the new.  It can easily be said that Las Vegas is an amalgamation of every architectural style available in a designer's toolbox.  And all of it is meant to convey a sense of luxury - that the visitor is King.

Join #DesignLUX Thursday, August 7th at 1pmPT/4pmET as we explore the Quintessential Las Vegas - the architecture and design that has made the City that Doesn't Sleep the attraction that it is today.  The architecture of the original Dames of the strip and the innovative designs of the palaces of today. Be prepared to share your favorite Las Vegas architectural & design hot spots.

Thursday August 7th at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET.

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