#DesignLUX Is Hung Up on Murals with Laurie Laizure

Mural, noun: A Painting or Other Work of Art Directly Affixed to the Wall.

Such a seemingly simple definition for a design component that can make a dramatic impact in any environment, small or large.  The mural has easily been around since the dawn of the cave as dwelling - beginning with primitive sketches scrawled along a rocky interior wall telling stories that modern man continues to ponder over. What do they mean?  Seriously... can someone please tell me what they mean?

The mural has changed quite a bit since cave man times, though the premise remains the same - to tell a story and make dramatic impact through the use of applied graphics.  And because of advances in technology, the revitalization of Old World techniques, and the diversity of materials, the mural remains king in the world of decor more so now than ever.  But all of these advances, materials, and techniques mean that selecting not only the perfect mural to complement one's decor can be daunting (even for interior designers!) but so can its proper installation. 

Laurie Laizure, the founder of mural printing company Customized Walls and a fellow moderator of the Interior Design Community at Google+, will be joining #DesignLUX come Thursday September 4th to help walk us through the process of selecting the right mural type, giving us pointers as to installation, and introducing us to hip new styles. Join in at 1pmPT/4pmET and share in the inspiration and information.

Thursday September 4th at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET.

Customized Walls | www.customizedwalls.com
Customized Walls is a provider of high quality digitally printed murals.  Choose an image from their stock library or provide your own for a truly custom decor solution.

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