#DesignLUX Shares Their Lucky Charms - Celebrate Irish Design March 19th

The team at #DesignLUX would like to think that each week our hour long conversation is the Pot of Inspirational Gold at the end of your rainbow.  If it helps, the offices of DCoopMedia are actually black.

If not, just imagine your moderators in a green hat and buckle shoes (I own neither).

Anyway, if you're like us, this coming Tuesday you'll be adorned in green, holding up a corner at your favorite pub, and celebrating a day devoted to a saint named Patrick who's name wasn't really Patrick after all.  To be perfectly frank, St. Patrick's Day, a day many of us won't remember (or would rather not remember) the following morning, is a celebration of myth and mystery.  Those of us in the United States grew up with the impression of Irish Leprechauns hiding away troves of gold and trying hard to remember to wear something green in the hopes that we wouldn't be the recipient of one not so fun pinch from a schoolmate.

Interestingly enough, the myths surrounding St. Patrick's Day do not end there.  Patrick wasn't Patrick (his real name was Maewyn Succat).  Patrick wasn't Irish (he was born in Britain, leaving for Ireland 16 years later).  Green isn't actually the color of St. Patty's Day (it's really blue though this changed in the 17th century with the new Irish flag).  And more so, St. Pat's Day was actually a dry holiday (what?!).  The list just goes on.

Pay no regards to that facts, however.  We'd much rather celebrate St. Patrick's Day as we've been doing so in the states for much too long to remember.  Which, of course, is why this week #DesignLUX will be dedicated to the Luck of the Irish.  This Thursday, March 19th, pour yourself a pint of Guiness, a lámhaigh of Scotch, or an Irish Car Bomb if you must and settle in for an hour dedicated to the architecture and design of the Emerald Isles.  Certainly we'll cover the traditional thatched roof cottage that has become the typical associated house of Ireland but we'll also jump into Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian architecture not to mention a bit of fairy tale and magic. And of course, there will be a question about the color green in interior design!

Be sure to bring your own Irish favorites, even if it is a photo of your favorite pub.  Hopefully we'll have you all GREEN with envy!

#DesignLUX | Thursday March 19th, 2015 | 1pmPT/4pmET
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