How Does the Ocean Inspire Your Decor? #DesignLUX Asked...

For most of the United States it's chillingly cold with white being a common design element among many of the Instagram photos from the feeds of friends in the East.  However, there is nothing like a little water-inspired decor to help warm the soul which is why, in celebration of Wood-Mode's newly introduced Oceanside Collection of cabinetry, we focused on the beach during last week's #DesignLUX. From color and texture to structure and architecture, we asked how the ocean inspired interior decor decisions.  And you answered!

Be sure to scroll down for a video introduction to Wood-Mode's new Oceanside Collection. 

Who does the Ocean better - East Coast or West Coast?  Seems we may have to call a draw.

How do you find yourself inspired by the ocean's edge? From a place to recharge and relax to a being a wealth of emotional inspiration, the ocean appears to be everyone's favorite spot to get creative.

What waterside color palettes inspire you most?  #DesignLUX participants vote overwhelmingly for shades of blue and tans.  Pink, yes pink, did make an appearance as well.

And then there are patterns.  How does one use the ocean's patterns and textures into their designs? First there was driftwood.  Then beach glass.  And finally Shagreen.

When it comes to preserving Mother Nature's views, what are #DesignLUXers doing to bring them inside.  Aside from larger windows and removing upper cabinets in kitchens, using specific hues in rooms facing ocean views was certainly a popular method.

The ocean, even in it's randomness, has wonderful details and structure meant to be captured in design.  Organization and referencing key details in design schematics were key but so were personal & emotional things like continuity, confidence and the ability to be bold. DesignLUXers really got personal...

Just for fun we asked everyone to share their favorite beachside architecture.  It was easily a toss up between modern and shingle.  Though Victorian did manage to make its way into the mix.

Do you see now why we call #DesignLUX a Turbo Chat?! 

Many thanks to sponsor Wood-Mode and guest hostess Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo for bringing their own special awesomeness to last week's chat.
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