Sports in Interior Design: #DesignLUX Questions, Week of Feb. 9th

Lately our weekly #DesignLUX conversation has been nicknamed Turbo Chat on account of just how quickly each week's conversation progresses.  Even I, your fearless moderator, has difficulty keeping up from time to time. By popular request, we're trying to make it just a little easier to participate weekly by posting each week's questions the Wednesday prior to #DesignLUX.  I can't give each of you hand massages, but hopefully this is the next best thing.

Interior Designs & Sports Themes: A #DesignLUX Conversation
Thurs. February 12th

Be it Football or Polo, everyone has a favorite sport.  Share yours. #DesignLUX

Question 1
When the Sports Lover doesn't have a room of their own, how do you bring their passion into your #DesignLUX decor?

Question 2
Mancave, Billiards Room, or Theater - How do you creatively display a passion for a sport in a distinct #DesignLUX space?

Question 3
Jerseys, Game Balls, and even Stadium Seats - In what ways do you display Sports Memorabilia in your #DesignLUX space?

Question 4
From Cleats to Snowboards - How do you keep sporting goods organized and contained? #DesignLUX

Question 5
Children and Teenagers have their own sports style - How do you incorporate it into #DesignLUX rooms of their own?

Question 6
And finally, how do you keep a love of sports from taking over a family's design aesthetic? #DesignLUX

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