#DesignLux Returns Jan. 2nd with Luxury Resolutions

Happy New Year fellow #DesignLux readers!

I personally can't believe that I'm sitting here just after Christmas typing "2014".  It wouldn't be so bad if only I could remember to write that same date on my upcoming after-the-new-year checks.

(You all know you have that problem for at least a few weeks after the drop of the ball in Times Square. )


The one thing we are sure about is that #DesignLux is back!  We're working on a great a great roster of chat topics in an even better roster of locales!  And we'll be kicking it off on January 2nd with our first chat of the season.

I'm certainly not a big fan of resolutions - you know, those promises to go to the gym that leave you $30 a month poorer and no where closer to your desired set of abs - but as we enter 2014 there is no reason we can't make a few promises to shower ourselves with a bit of Luxury and Design.


Join #DesignLux Thursday January 2nd at 1pm PT/4pm ET as we profess our inner Luxury wishes for 2014. 

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