Throwback Thursday: A Throwback to Vintage Kitchens with #DesignLUX

Once upon a time kitchens were not connected by smart technology.  You couldn't tell your oven to text you when it reached the right temperature.  Milk was delivered to your door. Your mixer's attachments were simply the well defined arm of its operator.  Tupperware came in bright colors.  And glass was the norm, not plastic.

With the hustle and bustle of today's kitchens in the back of our minds as we get ready to head to Las Vegas for this week's Design & Construction Week as well as the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (if you missed our kitchen preview, check it out HERE), we're a bit nostalgic for the kitchen of yore.  Then again, it doesn't help that the kitchen in my own 1915 bungalow still has a cooktop that requires a match.  

No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past...
— Laurie Colwin

This week, #DesignLUX is taking a step back from gadgets and gizmos and technology, taking the time-machine for a spin and going back to the kitchens of our mothers, grandmothers and... well maybe not our great-grandmothers, that's a bit too far.  From color to convenience #DesignLUX is all about what made these kitchens just so special and talking about the design elements, trends, and specialty items that bring that little bit of magic into the kitchens of today.  From Fiesta ware and vintage Pyrex to restored stoves and SMEG smalls, join us for our Throwback to Vintage Kitchens.

#DesignLUX | Thursday January 22nd 2015, 1pmPT/4pmET


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