It's a Liquid Feast with #DesignLUX & August Uncommon. Celebrate the Luxury of Tea

When it comes to the holiday season, aside from locking children and families inside a box strategically located in a garage or closet, there are very few ways to truly unwind.  Holiday travel.  Gift Shopping.  Cooking elaborate holiday meals.  Keeping the kids from finding Santa's presents. Little moments certainly aren't easy to find.

And I can't tell you just how important those little moments are!

Personally, I'm a big fan of taking a few moments out of my day to brew up a pot of tea, letting it steep in my French Press.  Be it one of my many French tins of Mariage Freres or a bit of holiday cheer with Harney & Sons, so long as I've got a warm beverage and my very special Hermes teacup, I'm a happy camper.  For me that moment of bliss, feeling the warm cup in my hand, the steam rolling around my cheeks, it is the perfect little break. 

This week #DesignLUX is taking a field trip!  Recently opened in downtown Los Angeles, August Uncommon is a refresh of the ordinary tea experience.  Tea, to them, was a shockingly neglected part of the modern culinary experience.  Not that traditions had changed in centuries but that the idea of taking tea was still associated with Brits at lunch or Japanese kneeling on tatami floor mats.  August Uncommon is attempting to bring the art of tea into the 21st century - mixing culinary blends, small seasonal batches and a modern brewing system.

And DCoopMedia will be taking it all in this Thursday December 11th from their Los Angeles location, letting the team at August Uncommon show us what it really means to enjoy tea.  Make sure to join us at 1pmPT/4pmET for a relaxing discussion about the art of tea.

Thursday December 11th at 1pmPT/4pmET

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