Expert Advice: Selecting Personalized Stationery with Angel Robinson

It is always around this time of year that our minds to turn to Paper.  With holiday cards, thank you notes and business cards to think about, of course all we can think of is stationery. And being that my entire staff likes to be different, there is not buying of off the shelf, from a box holiday cards and thank you notes.  The problem with being different is that there are so many options (billions actually) for custom stationery.  Font. Monogram, color, paper choice.  Lined or Un-lined.  It's daunting.

So we asked New Orleans couture stationer Angel Robinson, mastermind behind Writerobinson, to discuss the ins and outs of selecting and working with the perfect stationer as part of this week's Expert Advice post.

DCM: When it comes to selecting a stationer to create one's personalized stationery, what should the consumer look for in an artist?

AR: When selecting a stationer, consumers should look at the body of work available. Check their websites, blogs, and social media to get a sense of their overall design sensibility. Once the field has been narrowed, it is imperative to speak to each artist to get a feel for their compatibility. My clients and I work closely together. Many who have started as clients have ended as friends. Therefore, it is important to know that you have an artist who will listen to you, respect you as a consumer, and do their very best to have the end result reflect their style, but more importantly, represent who you are.

DCM: What attributes are most important to ensuring that custom stationery is not only beautiful but also functional?

AW: I am all about texture! I believe that stationery is a sensual medium in that it is visual and tactile. The goal of stationery is to evoke a feeling, be it love or gratitude or humor. Therefore, everything about the stationery informs that feeling. It has to function. When selecting the paper stock for your cards, ask for a sample so you can actually write on it. Is it comfortable? Does it work well with your favorite pen? Does it hold ink well without smearing? A second important consideration is size. I adore using square cards, but I have to inform my clients that they require an additional postage cost beyond the standard first class stamp. Finally, also related to size, consider what you want the receiver to do with the card. I always envision cards being tacked up in an office, reading corner or framed as sentimental art. When working on the design, make it easy to display in the future (if not a deeply personal note, of course).

DCM: What information should a client have ready during the initial design stages?  How can the client make the artist's job easier?

AR: Timelines, timelines, timelines! If the stationery is for a specific event, it is important to know when the event will be and to have as many design elements available so that the stationery can become an integral part of announcing the style and mood of the event. For personal stationery, know which colors and general styles you like. If you have photographs from magazines or tv shows you like, that informs your personal style. Are you Mad Men retro or Scandal modern? Having a general sense of who you are helps the stationer to better translate your essence to paper.

DCM: What do you think are the most important details to ensure that a client's stationery remains timeless?

AR: My motto is "Simple. Pretty. Elegant." I always strive to create stationery that has a timeless appeal. As a woman of a certain age, I have moved into the phase of my life where trendy isn't appealing to me. From a design standpoint, it is important to keep the elements of color and typography clean and classic. Patterns are lovely but should be used carefully. Today's favorite pattern will easily become tomorrow's hated floral wallpaper.


Thank you so much Angel for helping us dissect the ins and outs of custom stationery.  If you're looking for custom stationery of your own that matches your own personal style, be sure to stop into Angel's store. 

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Angel Robinson is the founder and creative genius behind New Orleans couture stationer Write Robinson.  With a penchant for elegant and detail focused designs, her thank you notes, proprietary Tweet-Me cards, and invitations have celebrated the likes of the Baton Rouge Symphony, Natalie Cole, Diana Ross, and Wesleyan University (and DcoopMedia of course!).  Angel is also working on a new book celebrating her very popular Word of the Day posts.

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