DCoopMedia Dives into Getting Published with the G+ Interior Design Community

As a publisher of a now wildly successful digital magazine, I get asked how one goes about getting published.  Actually, how one gets published is a question that is quite often asked of all editors in the media world - be it a large scale national publication or a smaller regional journal.

As we ready for the release of our Spring issue next week, we thought we'd sit down with fellow G+ Interior Design Community moderator Laurie Laizure to really dive into the ins and outs of getting ones work published.  Myself and fellow moderators Jeanne Chung, Jeffrey Johnson, Leslie Carothers, and Ronique Gibson shared our experiences, our tips, and our tricks. 

During the hour long conversation we covered such items as "Just what should you send to an editor?", "What is the proper protocol for follow up", and why "writing shouldn't always be for money.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and enjoy!

And of course, please feel free to add any additional questions in the comments section and I promise to get you a brilliant answer!

Video courtesy Interior Design Community