Get a Grip on Your Axe: Guitar Grip Decor Friendly Hangers

As designers we're often times prone to somewhat strange and/or unusual requests.  It's part of the job right?

I once had a client who was very into his guitars, one guitar in particular.  A Gibson Les Paul.  It was certainly a beautiful specimen of musical instrument but paired with the more subdued and mainstream tastes of his better half, I struggled with finding just the right solution.  Eventually the guitar rested in a special metal cradle near a vintage amp.

This weekend, while at our annual North Park Festival of the Arts (see our #SocialSaturday blog post for more happenings from the event) I ran across Guitar Grip

Handmade in Detroit, Guitar Grip is a wall mounted "hook" sculpted in the shape of a gripping human hand and designed especially to hold any number of Axe heads without damaging the delicate components of various stringed instruments.  Personally, though the colors are a bit outrageous (luckily black is available), I love that there are several different sizes so guitar lovers can hang their Les Pauls, their Fenders, and even their Ukes and that the grips are available as both left and right hand models for further customization. 

Side note: These are great for keeping guitars above the hands of pesky children.

Consider this your musical PSA!

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