Holiday Entertaining and the Small Space: #DesignLUX Chats Solutions

As much as we all hate to admit it, the holidays are fast on our tails.  With Halloween just past, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just weeks away (though you'll never find a counter proclaiming "days until" on this blog!).  Though we, and I do mean the collective we (myself and all of my dear readers), simply can't believe just how quickly the season has arrived, we've no choice but to accept and embrace that shortly we'll be gobbling and ho-hoing until 2015 magically appears.

But enough lamenting, I think that what scares us the most about the holidays isn't the fact that yet another year is quickly coming to a close but that there is so much to be done.  Planning detailed menus of complicated gourmet dishes, coordinating not only our travel but those of our loved ones (who hasn't celebrated Christmas in two places before?), and preparing for the arrival and hosting of guests - for dinner, for the sake of visiting, for over-nights.

Sure, plenty of magazines and journals and blogs focus on those of us lucky enough to have extra room - be it an oversized dining room, a guest room, or even a casita.  But what about those of us with smaller spaces?  You know who you are - the studio dweller, the apartment lover, the miniscule Manhattan loft - what are you to do when the desire to host a holiday dinner strikes or a family member (or four) needs a place to retire for the evening.  This week's #DesignLUX is just for you.  We'll be chatting entertaining for the small space with inspiration and tips to share.  Join in with your favorite tricks for maximizing space, your thoughts on hosting couch dwellers, and your memories of sleeping on air mattresses.

Thursday November 13th at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET.

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