D'Scoop Imagines the #DesignLUX Beer Bar at Home with Perlick

With the happening two weeks ago not only of National Beer Day but also our #DesignLUX attempt to elevate the beer experience at home with Perlick Residential, the team at DCoopMedia started thinking.

Daydreaming actually. 

What if WE had a Beer-Bar at our headquarters, the 100 year old bungalow we call home?  What features would it incorporate and, more importantly, how would we instill the necessary ratio of fun into our otherwise traditionally designed abode?  Although craft beers are an important staple in the DCM headquarters (San Diego IS the craft beer capital of the US), we're also wine aficionados as well as finding our love for Bourbons, Scotches, and Gins. This means that our own Beer-Bar, because we're limited on square footage, would need to serve multiple purposes, especially when entertaining. 

Where to Start?

What once was the site of a casual dining area, our bar would turn a never-used space into an extension of the existing kitchen.  The bar's placement at one end of the galley kitchen enables it to be used for service or additional food prep space when cocktails are not being mixed. Two pairs of existing casement windows ensure the area will bask in the glow of natural light, as well as provide a functional service portal to our outdoor dining area.

The Basics

As part of our fantasy Beer Bar, we knew we'd want the beer tap to occupy a prime location offering the perfect opportunity to showcase vintage and handcrafted beer tap handles.  A Perlick Signature Beer Dispenser with Adara Beer Tower (to be released Summer 2015) occupies one length of counter also fitted with pull out trash & recycle bins and additional cabinetry with pull out shelving hidden behind a single cabinetry panel.  Wine, growlers, and one-off specialty beers, as well as specialty ingredients (limes!) find their place in Perlick's Refrigerator Drawers and Dual Zone Wine Reserve, located along the opposite wall.  Additional storage for tools, spirits, and linens occupy a blind corner fitted with Wood-Mode's Magic Corner while glassware is showcased in a glass fronted LED-lit cabinet nearby. Last but not least, when the party is over, coffee is usually the first thing on everyone's mind (that and calling for an Uber), the integrated Miele Built-In Coffee System fulfils that late night desire.

Cabinetry & Hardware

Being 100 years old, the existing Craftsman details prevalent throughout our bungalow should be honored.  However, that doesn't mean that a bit of fun can't be had along the way.  Taking cues from existing glazed green tile work and stained glass, the Square Edge Regency Cabinetry from Wood-Mode would be finished not in a wood stain but instead in their designer Prairie Green glaze further complimented by linear Facet Drawer Pulls in Satin Brass from Nest Studio.  Thick square edge counters in Calacatta Gold Marble (Arizona Tile) keep the bar light, its winding grey, navy, and butterscotch veining offering a dramatic punch.  And of course, to ensure that no knife scars the marble's face, an area of reclaimed butcher block is inset into the counter-top with a custom laser cut copper drip tray.

Added Details

Anchoring the bar area as well as providing a bit of a Mid-Century vibe, Brendan Ravenhill's sleek Pivot Chandelier stretches across the ceiling with vintage-inspired Push Button Switches and Bronze Face-plates providing both on/off and dimming controls. Cement Tiles from Kismet Tile anchor the floor, a subdued geometric pattern at once stimulating this entertaining area as well as giving the area a further retro touch.  The final detail in the #DesignLUX Beer-Bar are the Hand-Cast Glass Beer Tap Handles from San Diego based Oak Valley Glass Studio, making every pour perfect.

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What's in the #DesignLUX Home Beer-Bar?


Signature Indoor Beer Dispenser from Perlick Residential
A self-contained beer system with 5.2 cubic feet of capacity and room for a 1/4 barrel or 2 1/6th barrel kegs.

Adara Beer Dispensing Tower from Perlick Residential
With two of Perlick's award winning 650SS Flow Control Beer Faucets, Adara brings home pub functionality.

Signature Series Refrigerator Drawers (Wood Overlay) from Perlick Residential
Frosty Mugs, Signature Ingredients, and Fresh Limes are all at arms reach.

Signature Series Dual Zone Glass Front Wine Reserve from Perlick Residential
Perfect for storing bottles of Belgian Ale and German stout.  Dual zone for the celebratory bottle of Champagne.
Add the Optional Wood Wine Rack Fronts for a more distinctive look.

Built-In Coffee Machine by Miele
Sometimes one just needs a little pick me up before starting the Beer fun.


Square Edge Regency Recessed in Prairie Green by Wood-Mode
Classic styling in a finish that picks up on the Bungalow's original details.
Appliance Overlays, Double Waste Basket, & Magic Corner


Pivot Chandelier in Black & Brass by Brendan Ravenhill
Just because our bungalow was built in 1915 doesn't mean we can't have a bit of fun with our lighting.


Counter Surface - Calacatta Gold Marble from Arizona Tile
Artistic veining plus a little Butterscotch equal a spectacular surface.

Counter Inset - Oiled Butcher Block with Recessed Copper Drip Pan and Waste Cover
A wonderfully warm addition to the cool appearance of the surrounding marble..

Flooring - Composition C36 Cement Tile from Kismet Tile
Play up traditional detailing with a vibrant geometric pattern in cement for ultra durability.


Push Button Mother of Pearl Dimmer with Lewis Metal Switch-plates from Rejuvenation
Two-Button light switches are a must for any 100 year old bungalow.

Facet Cabinetry Pulls in Satin Brass from New Studio
Clean, simple, and distinctly modern yet exhibiting a tinge of vintage by way of the hexagon.

Black & White Dicroic Glass Beer Tap Handle crafted by Oak Valley Glass Studio
Hand-blown glass makes every pour that much more special.


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