Inspired Women: Influential Women in Industrial & Graphic Design with Anzea Textiles & #DesignLUX

Ray Eames. Margaret Calvert. Greta Grossman. Anni Albers. Lucia DeRespinis. Ruth Adler Schnee.

It's a constant that where the worlds of industrial design and graphic design collide, those of a male persuasion have become a mainstay, constantly remaining at the tip of the industry's tongue.  However, what tends to go unrecognized are the contributions to the inspired women who developed the foundations for many of the designs, the products, and the concepts we've come to love. 

Being Creative is no so much the desire to do something as the listening to that which wants to be done: the dictation of the materials.
— Anni Albers

This week, #DesignLUX and our sponsor Anzea Textiles is taking inspiration from the ladies of design that paved the way in industrial and graphics design.  From Lucia DeRespinis who created the designs of many of George Nelson's iconic mid-century clocks and Margaret Calvert, the creator of the font used on every road sign on the UK's national highway system, to Greta Grossman, a quiet yet influential furniture designer in California and Ruth Adler Schnee, a force behind a number of iconic Knoll textiles.

Join #DesignLUX Thursday December 4th to celebrate the designs and contributions of these leading ladies. Follow our Pinterest page [here] as we continue to add to the list of women who made design what it is today.

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