JaxKelly Trunk Show "Rocks" San Diego's Pigment

In case you haven't already noticed or were too busy picking out your favorites from the photos below, the pun in the title was totally intended.  Like I'd ever accidentally make that kind of mistake.

The truth of the matter is that when I'm presented with the opportunity to not only shop but to do so while consuming a plastic cup or two of California wine, I can't help myself.  I get a little giddy.  For as long as Pigment has been around Northpark (which I've learned is just about seven years), I've been a frequent stalker.  Greeting cards, odd gifts, wonderfully awesome succulent filled terrariums - Pigment has been my go-to and not just because they are within a short walking distance from my house. Although that certainly doesn't hurt.  What I really love the most about Pigment is that they support the craftspeople of San Diego, hosting trunk shows and numerous other events showcasing the wares and products made within our own 374.2 square mile county.   

Which is exactly what they did on December 6th, showcasing the wares of jewelry artisan JaxKelly.

Obviously JaxKelly isn't her real name (although that would be pretty darned cool if it were) and, instead, an amalgamation of her first name and the name of her nephew.  Nonetheless, her work rocks.  Or, more adequately, is made of rocks.  Rocks like Howlite, Druzy Quartz, Pyrite, and Kyanite become the foundation for her simple, yet highly symbolic, handmade studs.  The wonderfully dark and moody Black Druzy Quartz used in some of her limited edition studs are believed to energize and stabilize both the body and aura, promoting creativity, perfect for all of use writers out there.  The retro Pyrite, which actually made it into my own stocking this year, is said to be a wonderful energy shield, blocking out negativity from various sources.

I hope they work.

Each pair is entirely unique, no two stones the same (even Kelly says the stones are sisters, not twins) and made right here in San Diego.  Personally, I love that, as a male with very few options for bedazzlement lest I look like I'm trying to hard to channel The Situation and Mr. T, many of her stud pairs are diminutive and would be a great complement not only to those suit and tie days (try Turquoise, it brings good fortune) but also those blazer and jeans (Amazonite here as it provides the freedom to express one's thoughts and feelings) as well as the "I'm not taking off my sweatpants" afternoons. And, of course, they're quite suitable for women's wear as well.

Needless to say, come 2015 you'll see me "rocking" a pair or two whenever you see me on the trade show floor. Though I may need a few more pair if I'm going to complement the many colors of H&M jeans that all of you readers expect me to don for the show scene. 

Looking to pick up a pair or two before Christmas or the celebrations of New Years?  Pigment continuously stocks a wide selection of JaxKelly's studs and candles.  Be sure to stop in and do let me know which pair You've chosen for Your ears!

JaxKelly on Etsy | www.etsy.com/shop/jaxkelly

Pigment | www.shoppigment.com
3801 30th Street, San Diego

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